7 Organizing and Cleaning Products for Your Home This Spring

Even though the weather outside lately has been less than ideal, it’s the perfect time to work on the inside of our homes. Spring cleaning and organizing can not only be a way to freshen up our spaces, but hopefully clear out the winter funk. These seven must-haves will help step up your cleaning and organizing game and get you ready for warmer and brighter days to come. Wine Rack Organizer for the Family Using a repurposed wine rack not only can store your water bottles, but also makes it easier to see the bottles you do have. With my entire family needing them for one reason or another on a daily basis, there’s no more digging in the cabinet because we can see and get to our favorite beverage holder. The free space behind the sport bottles can store less frequently used kitchen items.
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Mesh Laundry Bags These little mesh bags laundry bags have been key especially with washing all the masks this past year. The bags make it easier to identify them before the masks accidentally get thrown in the dryer, and instead I can take the masks out to hang dry. Back to the original use, now that the girls are getting older, it’s getting harder to tell everyone’s garments from one another. Each of us have a mesh laundry bag to place our dirty laundry in which will make folding our laundry a lot easier and ensuring each person gets the correct garments back. Magazine Holder-turned-Kitchen Accessory While we don’t get too many magazines around here, I still held onto our magazine holder. Now the magazine holder has a home in our pantry for the aluminum foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap, and anything else that needs to be handy. It’s a great way to contain and still be able to see what you need more efficiently.
If you don’t have a magazine or paper holder, you can find some on IKEA in multiple color options. You can also add labels and turn the kitchen items facing inward if you care about the aesthetics of your pantry (we all know shelfies are a thing of the future!) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In a time when sustainability is so important, microfiber cleaning cloths are a game changer to our cleaning routine. They’re absorbent, the best thing I’ve found to use on glass and shiny surfaces, don’t leave lint particles, and they wash up ready to go for the next time. Using the microfiber cleaning cloth have reduced our need for paper towels, which has been very helpful especially in times of a paper shortage. It is super important to pay attention to the washing instructions, but otherwise are better than paper towels in my opinion. Lazy Susan Fridge Organizer I am in love with these plastic lazy Susan organizers for our fridge. I can separate and group items (I.e. sandwich making vs. my pickle obsession) and instead of things getting lost in the back of the fridge, I can spin the lazy Susan around and see exactly what I need.
Fridge Bins Speaking of containing and separating foods, I use longer rectangle bins to contain snacks making it easier for my girls to see their food options. Plus, the longer rectangle bins allow me to maximize the space within my fridge and contain the smaller food items with awkward packaging like the bagged apples. OXO Containers I have been using these OXO containers for over 10 years now and I love them like the first day I bought them. Being able to see what you actually have makes replenishing items a lot easier. The OXO container airtight seal keeps all the critters and bugs out of your pantry items. I love the squared design which makes pouring easier, even for little hands. And the fact that they stack on themselves makes organizing your pantry a breeze.
I love being able to pass on the tips and tricks that I’ve learned and loved through all my years of organizing and cleaning. These 7 products have been essential in keeping my family organized and keeping our systems most efficient. I always appreciate someone sharing the things they’ve already tried out and love instead of trying to sift through all the millions of organizing products out there. One of my most favorite things is finding new uses for some of the everyday items we already have in our home. Best part is most of these things can be found at Target and if you don’t have a Target near you, you can most likely find these items on Amazon. Happy refreshing!